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e-Commerce quality label for CarAmigo

Certified by e-commerce Kwaliteitslabel
The sharing economy: usage-based vs. ownership-based consumption

The sharing economy or the collaborative consumption is an economic model based on a simple principle: optimize the use of a poorly or unused property! Such a property can be shared, traded, bartered, sold or rented. The use prevail the ownership, and is changing the way we consume. This is against the traditional company model where the latter grows thanks to the over-consumption and excessive ownership.

The term “sharing economy” spread its popularity in 2010, in particular with the book “What’s mine is yours” of Rachel Botsman, who became the Queen of the sharing economy.

The rise of this system began with the sharing of houses, and companies like Airbnb or Guestoguest who faced unbelievable success. Furthermore, other trip sharing platforms appeared, such as Blablacar, Djump or Uber. On the same principle of carsharing, other systems between individuals have emerged. In past years, particularly in France and the Netherlands, which are experiencing considerable success.

Share a house, a trip or a car with complete strangers has many advantages for citizens. In addition being environmentally friendly, the approach allows everyone to reduce the expenses for its vehicle, almost by doing nothing…

Based on the above observation, in December 2013 Sharonomy Ltd, parent company of CarAmigo was born.


CarAmigo, how does it work?

CarAmigo is Belgium’s first peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace, and connects car owners with people who need a car.
Thanks to CarAmigo, a car owner can recoup part of his car expenses by sharing his car with others, in all confidence as CarAmigo screens all drivers and foresees a full omnium insurance .

A driver in need of a car can chose the car he likes, where and when he wants to, with piece of mind as the car enjoys a 24/7 road assistance.

So register for free on, and ride away right away !
They achieved the SafeShops quality label.

CarAmigo is certified by SafeShops with Code #SLA20162.

This way you are sure that they:

o   respect your periode of reflexion

o   provide you with the correct payment procedure and delivery information

o   comply with the terms of guarantee

o   dispose of a clear complaint procedure

o   respect your privacy

o   clearly mention contact information

o   denote correct price indications

You can aso easily find back their contact details.

If you reckon that above mentioned webshop doesn’t follow the procedures, you can, apart from their own complaint procedure, complain here on this site.