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How to select the right digital partner?

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How to select the right digital partner?

In selecting the right digital partner for your business there are a number a key questions you need to ask yourself. It important to know beforehand what these question are and how to ask them.

First of all it’s indicative that you specify which skills you need, more specifically you need to know the specialization of the person or agency you hire and what internal skills or experience are required.

Secondly,  determine your budget. By defining your budget you can narrow down your search parameter. This allows you to pick the right partner for your business needs.

Lastly, you need to interview potential agencies like you would any other employee. Hiring a digital partner is an important choice. Therefore it needs to be handled accordingly. Finish you interview with a reference check.

For any more information about finding your desired digital partner you can use the digital match tool on the FeWeb website below.

This presentation was presented at eTrade Summit 2018

By Patrick Marck, FeWeb

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