Oct 17

Marketing Automation, take the easy path

Marketing Automation

Take the easy path to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation can help your business in different ways. Marketing Automation takes data, actions and campaigns and links these based on your customers’ previous behaviour. Secondly it helps your business market effectively and efficiently by automating omni-channel marketing specifically to the needs of your customer profiles.

Marketing Automation may also refer to Fingerprint Marketing. By establishing a profile of your customers from analyzing data they left behind on the internet. This data is important to specifically market your product to your customers.

Marketing Automation is more than just e-mail automation. This includes among many:

  1. Customer Segmentation
  2. CRM integration
  3. SEA
  4. Digital Asset Management
  5. Unkown Prostpect Targeting
  6. etc.

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This presentation was presented at eTrade Summit 2018

by Dirk Blondeel, The House of Marketing

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