Nov 07

Boost e-commerce sales by having all trust signals in one place

Boost e-commerce sales by having all trust signals in one place

What if we told you that your e-commerce store can have one simple profile that has all the elements that help a potential customer decide whether they can trust you, believe in your product, and buy from you? This profile would boost your online sales by making the process of building trust in your e-commerce store as easy as possible.

Think of having an e-commerce trustmark that tells your potential customers that your business meets various legal and privacy requirements. Or a Safe Browsing badge that ensures them that your online store is safe to browse without encountering a virus. And of course, reviews from various platforms. But they’d all be visible in one place.

We’re talking about TrustProfile and the ‘Verified by SafeShops’ label. With the ‘Verified by SafeShops’ label and TrustProfile you have the different trust signals in one place, so you make it easier for your potential customers to find the information they need to trust and choose you. Eager to learn how to boost your e-commerce sales? Here’s how it works.

Gain customers’ trust faster: have your e-commerce trust signals in one place.

Though the e-commerce giants are the easy way to find the products we’re looking for, consumers nowadays are more aware of their choices. The future of e-commerce are companies that care about our society, the environment, animal welfare, or any other aspect that makes our planet a little better.

However, a big barrier between choosing something from Amazon – a known company – and your online store is whether customers can trust you. Once potential customers come across your online store, they’ll be looking for trust signals that tell them it’s safe to buy from you. With the ‘Verified by Safeshops’ label and TrustProfile, we want to make the process of building trust in your e-commerce store as easy as possible. Here’s what you need to do to increase your online sales.

Use social proof to drive more sales

When your customers come across your e-commerce website, they’ll try to determine whether your product is the right fit for them. Part of that decision-making process is social proof. Social proof, which includes reviews, shapes the way potential customers view your products. When they see your current customers speaking highly of you and your product, they feel more safe investing their money in it. So, social proof is one of the main tools that drive your sales.

With TrustProfile, you can not only send review invitations through this platform, but you can also combine all your existing reviews from different platforms on your profile. So, if you’ve gotten reviews on Facebook, Google, Trusted Shops, or any other platform, we will combine the total rating for you on your profile. Depending on which platforms you have received reviews on, it’ll look something like this:

Show that your online store is reliable and verified by an e-commerce association

With online shopping, consumers can’t touch nor try the product. So, they want to know if your e-commerce business earns their trust and can offer outstanding service. That’s the purpose of having a trustmark on your profile. It shows your customers that your online shop is secure. With the ‘Verified by SafeShops’ label, you can show your customers you’re approved by your country’s e-commerce association or any other association that’s relevant to your business. It ensures your customers that your online shop is completely up to date regarding the rules. Depending on the e-commerce association, this trustmark can also ensure them that in case of disputes, an external organization will provide dispute resolution through mediation and can make a legally binding decision. The trustmark can look like this:

Tell your customers it’s safe to browse your online store

To increase your chances of making a sale, your customers need to spend enough time on your website. And before they do that, they need to know it’s safe to do so. With TrustProfile, you can add the badge “Safe browsing” which tells your customers that it is safe to browse your online store without the risk of encountering malware or viruses. This is crucial nowadays and one of the first few things your potential customers want to know before they continue to browse your website. We use Google Safebrowsing and Trendmicro for an automatic malware check every few weeks, so you don’t have to do a thing. This is what your customers will see:

Show the human behind the product

Though consumers want to know if it’s safe to buy from you and if your product is worth investing in, nowadays they’re also interested in the human behind the brand. With TrustProfile you have a section where you can connect with potential customers by telling them your personal story and showing them who you are through not only words but also images. This increases your chances to boost sales, but to also gain a loyal customer base. Want to know why first impressions matter and how to optimize your profile to boost conversions? Click here to learn more.

And finally: make information easy to find

Being a small online store allows you to provide customers with a more personalized online experience. This means that you can respond to their questions and requests personally through a phone call or message. But they do need to know which number they can call or which email address they can message to. With TrustProfile, you can add relevant information on your account using the “Identity” trust badge. This also shows them that your identity is verified. The easier it is to find this information, the more pleasant their online shopping experience becomes. Happy and satisfied customers come back for more.  And repeat customers are one of the easiest ways to boost your sales.

Ready to boost conversions for your online store?

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